Admissions will start from the mid January, for LKG parents/ guardians seeking admission for their children/ wards are required to fill up a prescribed Registration form obtainable from the School office on the date announced by the school.

The minimum age required for the admission of a child in LKG is three and half years on 1st April of the year and corresponding scale of age for the UKG. It is required to produce an official Photostat copy of the original Birth certificate either from the municipal office, maternity hospital, the village family register records or vaccination certificate. Doctors’ certificate is not sufficient unless entries are certified from his case records.

The registration form duly filled in and accompanied by the birth certificate should be presented before consideration of admission.

For UKG onwards

The minimum age required for admission of a child into class I is five and a half years on 1st April of the year and corresponding scale of age for the higher classes. The date of birth of a student once entered will not be changed.

A student coming from another school must bring his/ her transfer certificate countersigned by the education authorities and a certified copy of report card at the time of admission. Pupils as a rule are subjected to a test or interview or both to see the fitness of the class to which admission is sought. The management has the right to say on which condition they admit or retain a pupil in the school.

T C will be accepted from a recognised school only.

In case of late admission of a student, the fee from the beginning of the session shall be charged.

The management/ principal reserve the right to refuse admission to anybody without assigning any reason for their action.